Basic CSS & HTML

Branding & Logo Design
Print (Brochures/Leaflets/Posters etc)
Digital Media (Web Design/Digital Advertising/Social Media)
Photo Manipulation
Photo Tweaking/Touching Up


I am a Creative Graphic Designer and I have been creating design work since 2002. At that time it was simply a hobby; using social internet forums as a place to learn and create for my fellow members of the community. I soon realised that this was more than just a hobby and something I felt incredibly passionate about. I knew from that moment that I wanted to make this more than just a hobby; I wanted to make this a career.

With this I made sure all my choices in secondary school would help me gain access to further education. I then went on to a National Diploma (Graphic Design Media) course for two years, achieving the highest level possible. This then enabled me to go onto Higher Education, where I then studied a Degree in BA (Hons) in Art & Design: Graphic Media.

Once passing my Degree I was hired at TCMC Creative (Braintree) and I worked at this company for two and a half years. I quickly moved up the ranks from Junior to Senior Designer and with this position I was tasked with handling many different tasks, including: full brand management, logo design, web design, brochures, leaflets, posters and signage (interior & exterior both design and production).

Working in a small team enabled me to express my personal views and concepts to the team and also engage with ideas from my coworkers; this taught me invaluable communication skills. In those two and a half years I learnt a huge wealth of information about the design industry, this included: working and conversing with clients, managing time scales and projects, organisation (projects & file management), understanding the client needs and issues, setting files up for print, paper samples, printing techniques and many more abilities that added to my overall design knowledge.

My industry experience is short but intensive, I hunger for experience and the learning of new techniques, technically and creatively.