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Project Description

The Younger


EP Artwork \ Print & Merchandise Design


The Brief

The Younger are a UK based rock band, combining modern melodic pop with the stratospheric sounds of stadium rocks heyday, The Younger are a band out with something to prove.

Their debut commercial EP, ‘Have Hope’, is their ‘Ode To Positivity’; it’s a collection of anthems for the ‘glass half full’ people. From the polished vocals of Daniel Lawrence, to the euphoric guitar and keyboard work, right down to the vigorous rhythm section, these seven tracks have common ground in a backbone that exudes optimism.

The Younger came to me for design and art working for both their EP and Merchandise, they wanted to create a powerful and striking image that would catch the target audiences eye. Combining the two complete different faces to form a untied entity. Prior work I researched into many different faces and angles.

After finding the two images that were well suited, I began to manipulate and blend the two together using the clone tool. Once I was happy with the blend outcome, the additional photo modification like levels, contrast and the rough painted stripes were added and moulded to the curvature of the face. This design was used on varying medias, like EP cases, iTunes Album Artwork,
Pop-up banners & T-shirts.

  • EP Artwork
  • Merchandise Design
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